Arctic to Africa

On the 29th May I will be leaving the UK to start a journey that is going to take me from the Northern most point of Europe to the most arid inhospitable land on the planet. It is over 5000 miles from the Arctic Circle to the western Sahara desert and I will be traveling the entire route on my bicycle!! I will be carrying all of my own equipment and aiming to complete the trip in 2 and a half months, thats an average of 100 miles per day.

Arctic to Africa

Why put myself through such a difficult challenge? Because I want to raise £20,000 to aid in the completion of a much needed orphanage in Santrokofi, Ghana. The Raising Hope Foundation have been working in the village of Santrokofi for the last four years, they support the children by operating summer schools, scholarship programs and once the orphanage is finished it will provide a home for 60 of the local children.

I will be ending the trip with three weeks volunteering in Santrokofi where I will have the opportunity to support and teach the children in the summer school. These will be the very children that will live in the orphanage once it is completed.

The trip promises to be both exciting and scary, the scenery will be breathtaking and the days very long. I want to post photo’s and stories as often as I can so everyone can share in the adventure.

You can follow on Facebook, Twitter and of course you can follow this blog. My Virgin Money page is where you can sponsor me and more about The Raising Hope Foundation can be found here.

If you would like to get in touch then please fill out the form below.


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