Arctic to Africa

The End of an Adventure

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My adventure has now sadly come to an end and I would like to start this update by saying a massive thank you to every single one of you who has read my blog, prayed for me or given financially. I could not have completed the cycling without your on going encouragement and support.

As a team we have currently raised £6,900 ($10,700) for the children of Santrokofi Ghana and there are more donations still coming in everyday. I cycled approximately 4000 miles (6400km) in 56 days averaging roughly 90 miles (145km) a day. My bike had one broken spoke and a new rear wheel but didn’t have a single puncture the entire trip!

My team mates Ash, Chris and Tom alongside Raising Hope Foundation Chairwoman Kinza Mason cycled in to Santrokofi Ghana yesterday to a crowd of cheering children with party poppers and banners welcoming them to their community. They will now spend two weeks running a summer school for the children. I am so proud of what the guys have achieved and they are going to have a wonderful time teaching the kids. My finances just couldn’t stretch as far as Ghana so for now I look forward to hearing all about the summer school and I hope I will make it to Santrokofi another time.

In the meantime I have more stories from my time cycling from the Arctic to Africa and plenty of cycling tips and tricks that I would like to share on my blog. So check back regularly.

Chris, Kinza, Ash and Tom arriving in Santrokofi Ghana yesterday.


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