Arctic to Africa

Too much cycling

I spend roughly 12 hours a day out on the bike, at least 8 of those hours are spent physically in the saddle peddling, sometimes more. Then add in time to eat, sleep and get lost and you can see how I have so little time for blogging.

So this is a short post so I can share some pictures from my time cycling through the South of France. From Switzerland we cycled along lake Geneva on the north side and crossed the border into France just south of Geneva. We then cycled the Rhone Alps and into the Rhone Valley. Although it was hilly and very hot, the scenery was stunning. I even had the opportunity to cycle some of the same roads in this years Tour De France. I really never had much interest in visiting much of Europe before this trip but each country surprises me with just how beautiful and unique each one is. Next stop, Spain.

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One thought on “Too much cycling

  1. Daniel says:

    Stunning places. Can’t wait to visit the Alps. Never been. You are very lucky to be enjoying this scenery from a bike. Although tough I am sure you can really soak it in. Doing a great job.

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