Arctic to Africa

New Barriers

Ash was on wake up duty this morning which meant we were abruptly pulled from our slumber at 6am to the sound of him aggressively shouting ‘GET UP’ at the top of his voice. I won’t repeat the response he got but we did all agree there is opportunity for him to improve on his technique and next time take an approach perhaps just a tad more gentle.

We were wild camped next to a small village football pitch in a park in a town called Reinfeld. We had set up camp at about 9pm the night before and were on the road peddling by 7.40am. We had to cover as many miles as possible today as we were behind schedule for getting to Frankfurt by Thursday evening.

Today turned out to be one of the hardest days cycling yet. Not quite as hard as the first couple of days at Nordkapp but close. Everyone talks about breaking through pain barriers, well today I was breaking through tiredness barriers. The previous two days we had cycled 84 miles from Copenhagen to Maribo, then 80 miles from Maribo to Reinfeld and today ended up being 90 miles to reach a town called Soltau.

I have never been this tired in all my life, we finally stopped to camp at about 9pm. That’s almost 14 hours we were out on the bikes, probably at least 9 hours of that sat in the saddle peddling. It was a day of start and stop rain, very bumpy cycle paths, narrow roads with fast cars and the cobbled streets that Germans seem to love so much. It was painful, slow and exhausting. Not to mention we had to navigate our way through Hamburg. The last few miles of today were cycled through tears of utter exhaustion. Even the phrase ‘digging deep’ seems too light hearted, I’ve dug deep and I’m still digging.

Written on June 24th 2013.

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On our way from Stockholm to Copenhagen


Just after the first ferry crossing of the trip somewhere between Stockholm and Copenhagen


Crossing into Denmark our 4th country


Riding late means you get to see beautiful sunsets

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