Arctic to Africa

Surviving the Arctic

I’ve made it to day 8 and I haven’t given up. My thighs burn, my back and neck aches, I’m mentally drained, I have more mosquito bites then I can count and I have ran out of clean clothes. But today is a rest day, which has meant blogging, laundry, writing to friends and family, eating lots of food and generally relaxing.

We are in Tornio, Finland, couch surfing with a very nice couple who have kindly put us up in their leisure building. I’ve got a mattress on the floor, access to a toilet and shower, a roof over my head and protection from the mosquitos. It certainly beats camping in the woods by the side of the road in the pouring down rain like we did the night before last. The owners have even been kind enough to bring us porridge and coffee for breakfast. I couldn’t ask for more.

I have cycled just over 500 miles in 6 days and tomorrow we set off to cycle an average of 90 miles a day for the next 8 days to reach Stockholm by the 13th. It makes me tired just thinking about it. My legs are getting used to the routine though and are putting up less of a fight when I get on the bike in the mornings. I’ve learnt that I need to eat roughly ever hour to keep myself going so I’ve discovered how to eat one handed whilst cycling. I can even peel a banana and eat it without stopping on the bike.

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20130605-231711.jpgReaching the Arctic Circle line yesterday.


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