Arctic to Africa

And so it begins

I’m not going to lie, this trip is hard. I had a couple of moments today when I seriously considered giving up and coming home.

Yesterday was a tremendously long day, 7am flight from Heathrow to Oslo, flight from Oslo to Alta, a 4 hour bus journey to Honningsvag, assemble six bikes and attach all luggage, cycle 20miles to Nordkapp up some very long very steep hills, I would class them more as mountains and finally arrive at Nordkapp just after midnight. It took roughly 3 hours to cycle 20 miles, that’s how hard the climbs were.

Today we woke up to cycle that same strenuous stretch of road back to Honningsvag and then on to Olderfjord, totalling 78 miles. The longest I had ever done before was 54. Tomorrow we do 86. I am exhausted and its only day 2.

What’s keeping me going? Firstly, the scenery and knowing that God is in all of the natural beauty and wonder that I am witnessing. Secondly, knowing that I am doing this to help children far less fortunate then me. I am helping to provide them with a home and a family. Every time my legs burn beyond belief I remember the reasons why I am doing this, I take a 30 second breather and keep going.

You can give directly to the charity here.
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Sponsor A Day Help me reach Africa by donating towards my daily food and accommodation budget.


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