Admitting Naivety

I’ve spent my afternoon searching the World Wide Web for other ‘Poverty’ bloggers. I want to learn more about poverty, so a good place to start is with other bloggers. I came across some really interesting stuff.Β One thing I would like to share is this clip from the West Wing and a couple of images. I am going to admit to my naivety and declare that this video blew my mind a little. I honestly hadn’t considered the accuracy of a world map before and I assumed the general proportions of countries were correct. Although this is in the West Wing and you may be doubting its authenticity, after a little further googling I discovered it is trustworthy.

The Peters Projection World Map is considered to be an area accurate map. This means it takes in to account the actual size of the land giving a much better representation of how countries compare to one another in terms of size. Now I am not saying that other maps are incorrect. There is in fact a variety of projections depicting the world slightly differently, it all depends on what the map is used for as to how the countries appear in relation to one another.

Peters Projection Map

Now take a look at the image below. It really helps put in to perspective the sheer size of Africa.


1 billion people live in Africa and half of those live in poverty. I live in the UK, the teeny tiny island that is barely visible on the Peters Projection map and yet (until recently) how often did I give much notice to Africa? It’s only 125 times larger then the UK and makes up a huge proportion of the world I live in.

You can find the original blog featuring this video here.


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