Arctic to Africa

Am I Mental?

Three weeks today I leave the UK and travel to Nordkapp, the northern most point in Europe, from there I am cycling with 5 others over 5000 miles to Africa!! Yes you heard me correctly, we are cycling to Africa. On bicycles. Am I mental? I think I might just be.

We are doing it to raise money for The Raising Hope Foundation. They have spent the last four years building a much needed orphanage in Ghana and it is very close to completion. Between the 6 of us we are hoping to raise a total of £40,000.

To say that I am feeling nervous would be a massive understatement. I will be travelling through 11 countries, 2 continents and 2 time zones. From the Arctic Circle with 24 hours of daylight to Morocco where its going to be a scorching  30ºc. We are going to be cycling an average of 80-100 miles a day in tough conditions with lots of hills. Lots and lots and lots of hills. I am going to be carrying all of my own equipment with me on the bike including tent, sleeping bag, food, water, spare inner tubes, clothes and the list keeps getting longer. Apparently soap and shampoo are not essentials to bring and it’s even been suggested I should snap my toothbrush in half so I don’t have to carry the extra weight.

I am doing this for one reason, because I have the opportunity to directly impact the lives of 60 orphans in Ghana. The money we raise is going to help get the orphanage finished hopefully by Christmas. This blog is where I am going to be sharing more about the charity, the children in Ghana, the progress of the trip and pictures and videos taken during the cycling.

You can give directly to the charity here.
Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Arctic to Africa Crew

The Arctic to Africa crew. (I’m the second on the left in the purple)


One thought on “Am I Mental?

  1. manaseh mulbah says:

    Hi Group,
    I wish you all the best and i pray that God will keep you all safe till we meet in santrokofi
    Keep up the faith

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